Words from Cuba

“Art is the Ultimate Revolution”

There are schools of therapy dedicated to this concept. The idea is that the further we get away from collective knowledge or collective order or perhaps collective understanding, the more healing is possible. The idea rolls around in my head often. Seeing society and culture as only a lens, holding it loosely and welcoming new lenses on the way.  Perhaps this is what came up for me on my morning walk. My small revolution to privilege the art of writing. I heard from another writer yesterday, it’s not about thinking of the Eiffel tower or trying to create the thing that will hold meaning to all, instead it’s writing about the daily meaning, “the people in the park.” These concepts to me are similar. It’s not the art that agrees with how we already see it is the art that challenges the way we see or brings new light and meaning to how we see that ends up truly mattering. These concepts… I hear it in my writing. I’m too close to intellectualizing. The place I spend too much of my time. The place I had just moved away from while slow walking the neighborhood streets of Vendado. Art is the Ultimate Revolution. It sounds intellectually like a representation of politics and societies. It feels more personal than that. More intimate. The revolution in my life is to step away and make space for art. To choose art. Art is the Ultimate revolution.